Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Women made of wood, made of paper.

After finishing this 3D card, I had a leftover copy of Chorus of the Conclave, so I added it to my Aggro Phelddagrif Commander deck. The very next game, I killed everyone at the table: 1 player with General damage, 1 player with normal damage, and 1 player with both at the same time. Normally Seedborn Muse is pretty weak in that deck (at least compared to how overpowered she is in other decks) but with Chorus of the Conclave, Winding Canyons, and lots of mana...
I'm still uncertain of how I feel about coloring the inner borders of two-color cards when one of the colors is white. I like how the coloring looks on other color pairs, but white is such a distracting color that it can end up drawing attention away from the art.

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