Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Alternate Realities or Multiple Personalities?

I know technically Sygg, River Guide and Sygg, River Cutthroat don't exist at the same time, but it's always seemed to me that being a river guide would be a great cover for being a cutthroat. For now, though, my copies of Sygg, River Guide sit in my binder, while this is in the mail:
While I've talked about the potential of combining painting with card cutting before, this is the first time I actually used acrylics on a card (other than the white paint pen I've used for the inner border on a few white or hybrid cards). The river in Sygg's art bends back in order for him to sit "in" it and have his tail stick out of it. This meant that there was a ton of space between the foreground tree and the background tree, so the background tree was more distracting than background art usually is. I painted away most of the tree and part of Sygg's body in the background to reduce this effect and keep the eye's attention on the foreground. Obviously since I haven't done painted alters before my color matching is pretty bad, but the end result is much better than it would have been if left unpainted.

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