Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's Do the Warp World Again

It's quite possible that I shouldn't be allowed to use that title for this post considering I've only seen thirty minutes of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. On the other hand, I have experienced infinite Warp Worlds multiple times. The first guy at my local game store to build an infinite Warp World deck had collected a huge pile of Warp Worlds before he asked me to make this for him:
Making this card was a miserable experience. I'd liken it to some of my nursing prereqs: a frustrating, mind-numbing experience that I am incredibly glad I went through because I learned a ton of valuable things in the process and I am very pleased with the result.
I have only made a couple life counters, and that's probably the area of 3D card construction I know the least about. I know I want to talk about it in a future article but that means I have a lot of practice and research to do first.


  1. What sort of things did you learn from making this?

  2. What are the built-in sliding tokens for? Is that for life totals? Or keeping track of something in the infinite loop somehow?

  3. Most cards I make that have the abacus are used as life totals. This Warp World is owned by a guy who has an infinite Warp World deck, though, so he uses it to track either how many Warp World copies he has left on the stack or how many cards he has to reveal for the current Warp World.