Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who else has tamed Scarzam's Dragon?

A while back, I ran a Pauper Commander tournament at my local game store, Alpha Players. The first all-common EDH deck I built was led by Sivitri Scarzam, and I was surprised by how many games of regular EDH it was able to win. Of course, it's not the most thrilling strategy ever; basically I just sit there drawing cards and playing lands while everyone ignores me because I'm playing an all-common deck. Eventually it gets down to me vs one other player, and I have a grip full of counterspells, card draw, and removal to survive long enough for an unblockable Sivitri or recurring Corrupt to win it.
Apparently I took those pictures before I raised the text box and border. This card took a very long time to finish, as almost every layer required a lot of intricate cutting. I was very happy with how it turned out, though - it makes me sad that she's such a terrible commander...

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