Friday, April 15, 2011

When you gonna give me some time, Karona?

I've been making 3-Dimensional CCG cards for about three years now, and switched to cutting up Magic the Gathering cards about a year ago.  These days I mostly make Legendary creatures, so they can be used as Commanders, but I've also made other creatures and spells by commission.  I decided I wanted a place to put up pictures of the 3-D cards I've made instead of just directing people to a mtgsalvation thread every time they ask for more examples of my work. At some point I'll probably give a rundown of the process I use to make most of my 3-D cards, since it seems every 3-D card artist has their own method and I'm a big believer in the Bob Ross idea of giving away your secrets.

But in my case, fewer happy trees.  Sorry.

I'll start with the first 3-D EDH General I made, back when that's what they were called.

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