Saturday, October 29, 2011

Broken Record

Making this 3D Kiki-Jiki was a lot of fun. For a long time I avoided cutting up cards that cost more than $1 each unless they were commissions; I'm glad I let that go because a lot of my favorite 3Ds would never have been made otherwise.
I currently have about 10 normal Commander decks built. In those, there are certain cards that I consider annoyingly powerful so they're only in one deck even though they could fit into the colors for more than one. Constant Mists, Tooth and Nail, Genesis Wave, and Reveillark are on that list. Kiki-Jiki is certainly strong enough to make that list, but I love the card too much, and it's in 4 of my 5 decks that play red - only Atogatog doesn't get one.
The process for making this card is detailed here. The card itself is currently in Trick Jarrett's possession, along with a bunch of other awesome Kiki-Jikis - foil Japanese, From the Vaults, and a Guru alter by Eric Klug.

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